Is Your Phone Rooted?

You may have heard the term rooting or rooted before in regards to cell phones but what is rooting? In simple terms Android phones use a operating system called Linux. In Linux, administrative commands that change the base software or “root” system are password protected. In order to access all functions of the Linux operating system you must be considered a “superuser” before running any password protected commands. Rooting is granting administrative access to commands and functions protected by Android or the phones root operating system to the user.

Why might you want to root your phone?

So why would you ever want to root your phone? While it’s unlikely that you would want to change all the original software, you may want to change very specific features. An example is if there’s an app that you need root access to in order to access functionality that is normally locked away when the phone is not rooted. Rooting your phone also allows you access to apps that are not approved by Google for whichever reason and the ability to completely customize your android device with custom skins and functions.

Why is a rooted phone problematic?

Rooting your phone is not advisable for many reasons. First off if you incorrectly root your device you can alter the base software/firmware to the point that the phone cannot be recovered. When this happens, many people refer to it as “bricking”.  If you have “bricked” your phone it becomes useless as a smart phone. Having a rooted phone also in many circumstances voids the manufactures warranty. Many times your phone carrier or the original equipment manufacturer will not even talk to you about issues you having with your device if they find out your device is rooted. A rooted phone also makes your device more susceptible to data breaches. With a rooted phone you are one wrong “allow” click away from letting malicious software harm your account because they attained root permissions.

Checking to see if your phone is rooted

If you are questioning whether or not your android device is rooted the answer is most likely that it is not. Rooting requires direct access to the device and if you purchased it new or from a legitimate source, it’s unlikely your device is rooted. If you however have suspicion that it might be this is how you check:

You can install a root checker app, such as Root Checker, which you can find in Google Play that will scan the device and determine if it has been rooted. If you are still unsure about your device, please bring it to a nearby Staymobile and we can check for you.


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