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Do you offer discounts for vets, teachers and students?

Yes, we love our vets, teachers and students. We offer a 10% Off repair, and up to 50% Off on accessories’ discounts with a valid ID. We have a special discount for our healthcare workers as well to pay gratitude for their bravery. We even fix the issues of healthcare workers’ devices on priority basis, so call us right away at 1-877-966-4349

Do you offer discounts for returning customers?

Of course, our returning customers always get better prices. We offer discounts on repairs on accessories and gadgets. If you have a receipt, simply show it on your next appointment, or give us a call at 1-877-966-4349 to confirm that we have you on our database.

Do you offfer a guarantee with your repairs?

We stand behind all of our repairs with an industry standard of 90-day limited warranty on parts replaced. Simply bring your receipt to any of our locations and a technician will be ready to help you on the spot. The 90-days is a good benchmark to show the quality of our work, but even assure further cooperation with our customers to make them happy.

Do you have all the parts in stock, or do you have to order them?

We are happy to inform our customers that we carry most popular brands and their spare-parts in stock (Apple, Samsung, LG). We have also collaborated with extremely fast suppliers for when we need to order a part, we don’t have in stock. Give us a quick call to double check if we have what you need: 1-877-966-4349

Will it really take 30 minutes to repair my phone?

Yes, for almost 90% of repairs we offer. Our most popular repairs (iPhones, iPads, Samsung phones) usually take 30 minutes or less. Our customers love the convenience of dropping off the phone, going shopping and coming back to find the phone repair and fix screen. Schedule a free diagnostic test next time you come to the mall. Look out for our nearest shop for convience

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